Robert Krook, is the founder of OrgBooster. Beyond his early service as an elite military officer he has worked for over 15 years in a multinational environment across thirty-seven geographies in Europe and the USA. His experience and successful track record in the areas of strategic Human Resources and General Management in a highly brand oriented environment allows him to deliver a unique perspective in the strategic planning process as well as in tactical implementation processes.

Today Robert is a recognised expert on leadership and strategy. His focus is on inspiring and developing executive teams, mentoring senior business leaders, facilitating strategic workshops and supporting execution and organisational change. His distinctive personal style and use of innovative tools and solutions has helped numerous teams and individuals make a leap in performance.

“I believe that a person’s performance is determined by their perception of self-worth, how stimulated they are intellectually and how good their physical health is. This is true for myself too; when I’m in that “zone” I succeed with everything I do. So I have brought my passion and values into the work I do.

OrgBooster helps to transform the core value of businesses and individuals from being exclusively profit-driven to becoming businesses and leaders that also make a positive impact in the society they operate in and organisations they work for. I find personal satisfaction and stimulation in being part of this fascinating process.”

Robert Krook | Mobile: +46 70 634 29 32 | |


Suzanne Dagseven, is co-founder and partner of OrgBooster. She is an international business professional with more than ten years’ experience in strategy development and implementation, organisational change and project management. Suzanne specialises in sustainability and innovation, helping companies increase the social and environmental benefits of their core business operations. This recognises the increasing importance of sustainability to long-term commercial success and growth.

She has helped senior executive teams develop strategies that capitalise on global sustainability challenges and implement these strategies through company culture, people and processes. Most recently Suzanne worked with some of the world’s top companies such as Coca Cola, Barclays Bank, Pfizer and Vodafone to promote new business models that benefited poor communities in Africa and Asia. Previously in a key leadership role with the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), Suzanne led a major strategy to further Australia’s commercial, political and aid interests in all 53 countries of Africa. This included significant stakeholder management, high level engagement with business and government leaders, communications and public relations, and organisational change management.

Suzanne Dagseven | Mobile: +46 70 376 7006 | |

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