We are now experiencing a sustainability revolution that is just as big as the industrial and information technology revolutions before it.

Customers, investors, suppliers and external stakeholders all demand social and environmental benefits in addition to the financial bottom line. For example, institutional investors – who make up more than two-thirds of global investments – take a holistic perspective of companies’ ability to deliver long-term returns.

This is driving change across all aspects of business. More than 93% of CEOs now recognize sustainability as the key to their company’s future success.

Experience shows that the true benefits of sustainability can only be reached when companies put sustainability at their core: using this to drive strategy, culture, values and operations.

As well as asking how they can put sustainability at the core of their company, CEOs are also asking how they can access the right talent. Attracting and retaining top-quality talent remains one of the most urgent concerns affecting business.

Recent studies show that many companies are unable to pursue market opportunities, achieve growth, implement strategic initiatives or innovate effectively due to a lack of suitable talent.

Companies in every industry say that talent management will be their primary area of focus over the coming 12 months.

At OrgBooster, we see clear synergy between sustainability and talent.

Our concept is uniquely tailored to help companies address these twin challenges and position themselves for long-term, holistic performance.