Mattias Behrer SVP
General Manager MTV North Europe & MTV International Property Marketing
Co-Author to the book “How Cool Brands Stay Hot”

Robert was the architect behind an extensive leadership and team building program that I rate one of the most inspiring and useful experiences I have had in my professional life. His energizing and highly effective coaching methodology combines deep understanding of people management with a holistic and pragmatic approach to business. Robert helped to fundamentally improve the quality of our work as a management team and provided us with tools to further unleash human potential within our organization that translated to real business results. If you need a highly experienced and passionate change catalyst to help boosting your organization – this is your man.

John O´Keeffe
General Manager Diageo Russia & Eastern Europe

“Robert has a very strong track record of building highly effective organisations. His combination of commercial experience in a very result oriented environment and strong functional HR experience across numerous geographies and cultures along with his innate ability to build strong team dynamics amongst senior business executives makes for a powerful business intervention.

I would highly recommend you use Robert to strengthen your teams and organisations in order to improve top and bottom line results.”

Jane Ewing
General Manager Diageo Dubai Hub & Middle East

“Robert is one of the most insightful people I have worked with. This along with his breadth of leadership experience has given him a unique set of skills which allow him to lead highly effective team and one-to-one sessions. Challenging and thought provoking, the experience created a new platform for our team´s relationships and effectiveness.

If you are looking for a step-change in your organisation or executive team, I cant´t think of a better person than Robert to set you off on that journey.”

Arantxa Garcia
Human Resources Director Diageo CHAD (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany)

“I used to work with Robert when he was HR Director Continental Europe in Diageo. During this period Diageo went through many organisational changes. He showed high ethical standards in his work as an HR professional and was able to build and maintain good working relationships with all parties involved. He had an astonishing capability of interacting with very different people in difficult situations and his presence while presenting and managing meetings was stunning.

Robert is an outstanding professional who really focuses on delivering what adds value to his customers and their needs. His organisational development skills are the success factors for winning opportunities. Robert always delivered on his promises.

I feel honoured to have had the ability to work with him and I highly recommend him if you truly want to accelerate your organisation.”

Clare Melford
CEO International Business Leaders Forum, formerly General Manager of MTV Networks Nordic:

“Robert helped me build an exceptional executive team for an international media company based in the Nordic region. He helped me think through the skills I required in the team and was involved in some of the key recruitments. Once the team was in place he ran a 10 day series of management training and team building for the new team which I think for all of us was the most amazing experience of our professional lives. The team went through the whole process of “slowing down to go faster” and came out of it a very close and highly effective team. Beyond this, I have found Robert a consistently challenging and insightful mentor.”

Louise Kristensson
CEO Strong Brands

“I got to know Robert when l worked as Human Resources Manager at MTV Nordic and Robert was an Advisor to the then CEO. After five years at MTV, I moved on to Nike as Human Resources Manager Nordic. After four years at Nike I now run my own business, Strong Brands, active in the field of search and recruitment.

Since I met Robert almost 6 years ago, he has been one of my most trusted coaches and mentors in all sorts of work-related questions to whom I regularly go for advice.

Those of Roberts’ characteristics that I find particularly helpful are:

- Highly analytical and strategic
- Quickly identifies the problem
- Grasp the big picture
- Sees people and make them grow
- “No-nonsense” kind of person

I can strongly recommend Robert and his approach to boosting individuals and organisations. I have seen both of them delivering real bottom line results.”

Ignace Dermaux
General Manager Diageo Benelux Hub

“I’ve worked several years with Robert in the Diageo organisation, in his role as HR Director for Continental Europe and later in his role as GM Nordics.
He is one of the most impactful people I have worked with in my 20 years of professional experience.
His breadth of functional HR and leadership experience across different markets and cultures, has given him a unique set of skills which allow him to lead highly effective teams, proven by a strong track record of building highly effective organisations and senior executive teams. He is challenging, confronting, direct and thought-provoking. What results is a remarkable step-change in the dynamics of a team or an organisation. The best of all is that he can do this while being very aware of the business and the commercial environment he is operating in and while staying focused on delivering results and business objectives.
If that is what you are looking for, I would highly recommend the use of his services through his new company.”