Sustainability in a company has often been measured on a 'triple bottom line' that values the needs of society (the public) and the planet as well as company profit.

We add a fourth element to this: the people within the organisation. Talent is the key differentiating factor between good and great companies. We believe that the links between a company’s people and its sustainability strategy are the key to achieving exceptional results.
Generation Y
Known by many names, they are extraordinary professionals who have totally different motivations and expectations. They look for simpler, better and faster solutions. In return they will create outstanding rewards for organisations that understand how to inspire and assist them in their endeavours.

A strong values base and new more flexible ways of working is very attractive to them. With 40% of workforce set to retire in next 5-8 years, this generation is the key to future success.
Our co-founder and partner Suzanne Dagseven was featured on Business Fights Poverty, a community of more than 10,000 members working on sustainable business.
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